Power Your Plants with Grower's Secret Nitrogen!

Grower's Secret Nitrogen 12-0-0 is a soluble, non-GMO, amino acid-based, soy protein that feeds plants along with the microorganisms that aid soil vigor. GSN12 is recommended to prevent or correct nitrogen deficiencies that could limit growth and yields and is designed for use in hydroponic, soilless, and soil systems. It can be added to compost teas, applied as a soil amendment, top dressing, or foliar feed, or watered in through drench, drip, or flood irrigation. For best results, apply GSN12 according to recommendations based on plant tissue or soil analysis for a given crop.

Why Grower's Secret Nitrogen?

  • 100% water soluble, totally veganic (OMRI/CDFA), non-GMO, soy protein hydrolysate based
  • Micronized to increase immediate nitrogen availability to the plant
  • Apply any time: pre-plant and in season
    • Works well in warm and cool temperatures
    • Does not need to be mineralized for activity
  • Flexible application (all irrigation, foliar, soil)
    • Will not clog drip emitters or hydroponic lines
  • Contains hydrolyzed proteins needed for plant growth
    • Quickly available: moves through roots and green tissue
    • Feeds soil microbes and helps chelate micronutrients
  • Does not contain significant amounts of nitrates, urea, ammoniacal N, or salt
  • Low to no odor, doesn't attract pests
  • Low environmental footprint
    • Does not leach
    • Does not volatilize
    • Does not burn plants at use rates
  • Can be mixed with other nutrients and plant protection products
  • Shelf life is over 2 years if kept away from moisture

Frequently Asked Questions

What's GSN12 made from?
Non-genetically modified soybean meal hydrolysate.

  • Total Nitrogen (N): 12.0 %
    • 11.7 % Water Soluble Nitrogen
    • 0.3 % Water Insoluble Nitrogen

How should I use GSN12?
Directions for Use: GSN12 should be used as part of a comprehensive nutrient management program determined from plant tissue or soil analysis for your specific crop. Apply pre-plant, once per week when plants are actively growing, or more often as needed based on plant genetics, lifecycle stage, and immediate needs.

Mixing Directions: Mix well in the desired amount of water. DO NOT STORE MIXED PRODUCT; only mix enough for immediate application. GSN12 should be compatible with most other fertilizers and plant nutrients with the exception of products containing high levels of calcium. Application of GSN12 with pesticides may reduce expected results. When mixing with other products, perform a jar test for compatibility and spray test on a small area before wider usage.

What is the GSN12 application rate?
Foliar Feeding: We recommend that GSN12 be applied as a foliar feed to plants in any kind of growth medium. Mix 1 teaspoon to 2.5 tablespoons of GSN12 per gallon of applied water. Spray mixed product onto stems, branches, and top and underside of leaves until liquid begins to drip, either early or late in the day (avoid spraying in intense heat or direct sun). Do not overspray.

Drench Feeding: In a soil or soilless system or where foliar feeding is not possible, apply GSN12 as a root drench. Mix 1 teaspoon to 2.5 tablespoons of GSN12 per gallon of applied water. Soak at least 2” of soil by pouring a steady stream of mixed product around the base of the plant. 

Hydroponic Systems: Mix 1 teaspoon to 2.5 tablespoons of GSN12 per gallon of reservoir water.

What GSN12 quantities are available? (click to see product labels)
1 lb. bag | 50 lb. bag

Where can I get some?
Buy direct or check out nearby distributors.

Where can I find the Material Safety Data Sheet for GSN12?
Right here.